Brand identity and design

We help bring new brands to market and to reinvigorate established brands

Each programme is uniquely structured to identify opportunities, engage stakeholders, create a distinctive, differentiated brand identity, launch the brand, or simply ensure that it stays relevant and compelling. We cover all aspects of a go-to-market strategy and ongoing brand management:

  • Strategy
  • Creation
  • Management
  • Protection
  • Value proposition development

For new and established brands, we use a six-step process to define the optimum value proposition, taking account of markets, the customer experience, offerings, benefits, differentiators and proof points.

Brand-building from the inside out

To ensure that a brand is authentic, everyone in the organisation needs to believe in what it stands for, feel a personal connection and a sense of ownership in its creation, which means building the brand from the inside out.

We typically follow a four-step process:  

  • Interview management team
  • Clarify vision, goals and values
  • Research stakeholders’ needs and perceptions
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Undertake visual and language audit
  • Evaluate existing brand(s) and brand architecture

  • Brand positioning
  • Vision, mission and values statements
  • Value proposition
  • Brand attributes
  • Key sales and marketing messages
  • Internal messaging and change management parameters

  • Visual identity
  • Logo, typography, layouts, imagery, colourways
  • Verbal identity
  • Tone of voice, straplines, messaging hierarchy

  • Apply brand architecture to all touchpoints
  • Create engaging, compelling, consistent user experience across channels
  • Launch internally
  • Launch externally
  • Publish standards and guidelines
  • Support brand champions

For established brands, we work with HR, brand and internal communications teams to help attract, retain and develop staff, and ensure that employees are on board with new initiatives.


Gabriel has developed corporate, service and product brand names. We use a tried and tested method. Once the creative process is complete we screen names and work with our intellectual property partners to ensure that we can present brand and domain names that are available for use in all required trade mark classes and regions.


Barclays in Africa and the Caribbean

Brand identity and campaign management

Aldermore Bank

Positioning, naming and brand identity

Gerrard Investment Management

Repositioning, brand identity and business integration

Europe Arab Bank

Brand identity origination, brand development and ongoing marketing support

Bank Al Khaliji

Qatar’s fastest growing private bank: verbal identity and communication guidelines