2022 Annual Report

JLL Foundation

Our work with the JLL Foundation to produce their first Annual Report augmented Gabriel’s longstanding experience in researching and reporting on sustainability initiatives. The JLL Foundation, a non-profit founded and backed by JLL, one the world’s largest commercial real estate and investment management companies, is an impact investor focused on climate change and the built environment.

In its first year of operation, JLL Foundation partnered with 15 entrepreneurial companies. All 15 companies are actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions: 53% are reducing waste; 40% are decarbonizing the building sector; 33% are reducing water consumption, and 33% are making a social impact. Beyond climate change mitigation, these companies are building a clean economy, creating green jobs and construction, transforming food, packaging and agricultural systems, and innovating tech to measure impact and drive change.

Liz Campbell-Warner, Gabriel’s Chief Writer and Head of Strategy & Research, led the project, which included interviews with the Foundation’s partner, Good Machine Studio, and four of the portfolio company Founders and CEOs to produce case studies for the report alongside the narrative outlining their mission, impact and how the Foundation helped. The design features photographs of the portfolio companies’ activities around the world, which range from risk management to manufacturing. While vastly different in so many ways, they share a deeply held commitment to making the world a better place.

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“As impact investors, we have helped these companies survive and thrive by deploying catalytic capital and through their association with the JLL brand. By reinvesting returned funds, we are building a sustainable model that benefits all stakeholders.”

Trish Maxson
JLL Foundation Chair