Repositioning and refreshing the brand

Gerrard Investment Management

Following Barclays' acquisition of Gerrard from Old Mutual and with assets under management (AUM) in decline, the Gerrard senior management team engaged our services to undertake a brand review and to make recommendations on brand strategy and business development.

The review included considering the merits of integrating Gerrard's offering more fully into the Barclays Wealth structure and dropping the Gerrard brand altogether. In addition, Gabriel was asked to develop and implement a programme of 'quick wins' designed to stem the loss of AUM, engage new audiences, and increase the share of wallet with existing customers.

Client retention and acquisition

Gabriel worked with the strategy and marketing teams to develop a plan that targeted clients by sector and introduced a more youthful, modern and relevant image to the brand, through written communications, photography and design. Integrated marketing campaigns were developed in support of a client acquisition and retention programme. As part of our quick-win recommendations, we developed automated tendering solutions that empowered the sales team and wrote business development guides in support of the Gerrard client segmentation model. These initiatives enabled Gerrard to respond quickly and efficiently to enquiries and opportunities.

Now part of the Barclays Wealth brand

The business moved away from its stockbroker profile towards that of a progressive investment management firm committed to providing a more comprehensive wealth management service. The business is now fully integrated into the Barclays Wealth brand.

Trade and local press advertising to build awareness and support regional offices

Sector, segment and offering-specific collateral

A more focused value proposition
Strategic marketing support
Versatile design system
Business development toolkit: letter templates and collateral: private clients and intermediaries