Aberdeen Asset Management

New research for Aberdeen’s 2016 Investment Conference: ‘From disruption to empowerment’ formed the central theme for the day.

Gabriel worked with Aberdeen on the conference theme and content, proposing an agenda and programme of research that would support key topics throughout the day: from globalisation and its discontents to the Fintech phenomenon.

Today’s investors and their advisers face a torrent of change from all quarters. Political, economic and regulatory turbulence is matched only by the speed at which technology is transforming business models, choices and decision-making.

In a world in which we are also living longer and need to make money work harder, the research examined how asset managers and policymakers must respond to ensure that instead of being overwhelmed by the pace of change, investors are supported and empowered.

The research comprised in-depth interviews with institutional investors and consultants in the UK, Europe and the US, and three online surveys of institutional investors and consultants, independent financial advisers, and individual savers and investors. There were 870 respondents overall, between 27 September and 31 October.